BOOST Frequently Asked Questions

What do property managers do?
Property managers find tenants in a timely manner and ensures the care of the property. By finding tenants who will treat the home with respect makes all the difference. PM’s will also handle any issues that arise, whether they be with the tenant or the property.

How much do you cost?
The cost is half of the first month’s rent for tenant placement and 10% of every month for management.

What steps are required before you rent out my property?
  1. We will connect you with a property manager to discuss your home, doing a preliminary phone call.
  2. We will set an appointment to come view your place to check where it should be priced. 
  3. We will sign the landlord agreement.
  4. Once we have an idea of what you are offering and have taken professional photos, we will do a full-fledged marketing campaign to promote your property. 
  5. Once we have found a suitable tenant, we will do all the paperwork to get them set up and moved in as soon as possible, and keep you informed every step of the way.  

How do you set the price for renting my property?
We ask for your bottom line and expectations and then do a thorough search of comparable properties in your neighbourhood. We also use our skills and knowledge to set a price according to whether the property is furnished or not and what amenities are offered. 

What do you look for in a tenant?
To start, we are very careful with our screening process and do thorough background checks. We make sure they have: stable employment, good credit history, and review every person who will be living in the property. 

How is rent paid?
The funds are automatically withdrawn from the tenant's account and placed into yours through Coldwell Banker, a secure system. The turnaround is 14 days. 

What about emergency calls? 
We are on call 24 hours a day. Most emergencies are prioritized and often can wait to the next day.

Can you help me look for another investment property? 
Yes! Our staff are also trained real estate professionals and would be happy to help you in your journey. 

How often will I hear from you? 
Let us know what you want! We are happy to keep in touch with you as much or as little as desired. 

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